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The best schemes origami

The word origami comes from two words ori meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper". This is the traditional Japanese art of folding paper of different sculptures. art of origami began to develop in the XVII century. BC in Japan, and today is widely spread across continents and countries.

When folding origami-style sculptures using a single sheet of paper (often square), and apply it to different types of folds in a specific sequence. In a classic origami not use glue and scissors (it Kirigami), but now many have started to combine all methods of folding paper sculptures under the word origami .

When folding models often try to follow a certain pattern assembly elaborated previously known origami masters. For you, we have tried to collect in one place the best origami diagrams.


Geometric origami
A selection of models and schemes origami in one way or another connected with geometric shapes.
Origami Flowers
The best color schemes and plants in the style of origami. Make a bouquet of paper with his hands.
Modular origami model, the spherical shape. collected from a plurality of modules
Boxes of paper
Make a box with his hands now in the cellar. From simple to chic ...
Origami Boxes
The classic origami
These origami models will never go out of fashion, as the immortal classics.
The classic origami
The movable origami
It's so fascinating, to make the paper interesting to perform the movement.
The movable origami
Modular Origami
This is a new origami models which are joined together in the same units.
Modular Origami
Children origami
 A selection of origami models that may interest kids ...
For children
Zhuravliki origami
 In our time model cranes acquired many variations and modifications.
Origami crane
Origami boat
 Boats and ships of the paper is a great way to amuse his children.
Origami boat
Dragons origami
 Often schemes are complex and require certain skills, and sometimes special paper
Origami birds
 There are many patterns of birds from childhood to very sophisticated and elegant.
Origami birds
Schemes Kirigami
Kirigami - separate kind of origami, which permitted the use of scissors ...
Books on origami
A selection of the best books on origami. In the books you can find a lot of original origami models


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